Gift set of mini scented candles

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Gift set with three small scented candles in the fragrances Better Silk, Brave Night, and Bold Future. The scented candles are made from a vegan blend.

Still looking for a beautiful gift? The gift set with three small scented candles is the perfect present! A compilation of the three fragrances from our Brave collection. This set is ideal for getting to know the collection. Each candle burns for an average of 7-10 hours.

Brave Night is a scent that invites you to embark on a mysterious adventure into the night. The seductive scent of spicy tobacco and warm cedarwood enchants your wildest dreams.

The Better Silk scent feels like a soft silk scarf. The fragrance is calming due to the notes of white musk and refreshing due to the undertone of freesia.

Bold Future features exotic aromas of black pepper and tonka bean that seduce you into an adventurous future.